These are the #MotionPictureMemories you'll cherish forever.

Bride and groom by pool

These are the #MotionPictureMemories you'll cherish forever.

It's your day, not ours!

The main focus of a wedding is the couple. Our #1 priority is to give you the best and most honest wedding film possible while never getting in the way of the guest's experience. We do this by blending into to the background, normally working behind the photographer, which helps us get the most honest and candid films possible.

How we work

Color Room Films only uses the best gear for the job. To capture our weddings we choose to use 8K cinema cameras. The same cameras that are used on Hollywood sets. No bigger than a shoe box, our cameras aren't intrusive and we never use lights on our couples, making them feel uncomfortable. We only pose couples after the photographer has finished with their portrait session and we'll never ask you to do something you don't want to for the sake of a shot.

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